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Construction Oversight at MTAHS

posted Sep 13, 2018, 7:08 AM by Ryan Palmer

Mt. Ararat High School Construction

Project Oversight

By Daniel Chuhta, Interim Superintendent

A construction project this large requires the involvement of many individuals.  In regard to oversight, representation from the District (Interim Superintendent, Business Manager, Facilities Director, and the Building Committee Chairperson), PDT (the architectural firm), Arthur C. Dudley (the General Contractor), the Maine Department of Education, and the Clerk of the Works (hired by the Architect to be onsite daily) meets twice each month to review progress, discuss next steps, and address questions and/or concerns.  In addition, the District’s team meets every other week with representatives from PDT as well as the Clerk of the Works.

Beyond the daily duties of the Clerk of the Works, regular visits from the Maine Department of Education, and daily visits of the Facilities Director, multiple engineering firms are also responsible for ongoing field testing.  Recently, S.W. Cole Engineering has been providing on-site testing of soil and ground materials, and R.W. Gillespie has been providing testing of the concrete. In the future, mechanical and structural testing will occur as the building begins to rise up from the ground.  All together, each step in the project is monitored for quality assurance and adherence to the specifications.