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Crooker Construction Grants District an Easement

posted Sep 1, 2017, 11:36 AM by Ryan Palmer
We are pleased to announce that Crooker Construction, LLC has granted MSAD No.75 an easement for a 25 foot vegetative buffer running from the District's Transportation Garage to Canam Drive, parallel to route 201, for the new MTA High School.  The easement allows for the current trees to remain in place except in the case fire or disease removal.  This visual barrier will help maintain the emphasis of a natural environment.The District plans to install a fence along the easement as a way to prevent MSAD #75 students from walking through the adjacent cement plant. Crooker is committed to being a partner in the MTA High School Project. We are grateful to the easement provided by Tom Sturgeon of Crooker Construction LLC.