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District Appointees Approved to Serve on Percent for Art Committee for New MTA High School:

posted Oct 16, 2017, 10:30 AM by Ryan Palmer

Maura McHugh and Sarah Cowperthwaite were approved by the MSAD #75 School Board as District representatives to serve on the Percent for Art Sub-Committee.

The Percent for Art program is a part of the High School construction project. The program reserves money from the construction fund to provide artwork for public areas of the building or exterior.  The artwork commissioned for this takes many forms - traditional sculpture, abstract wall-mounted works, projects that integrate art throughout the building, and more! This program is operated by the Maine Arts Commission.

Essentially, a selection committee will review proposals from artists; and the School District is allowed to select two representatives to serve on the committee.  The Maine Arts Commission will select two others, and the architect participates as well. The Building Committee determined that the two District representatives would be selected from District-wide staff...not limited to the high school, or to teachers, but to any employees who might be interested in serving on this committee.

The selection committee is required to attend three meetings that last approximately three hours each over the entire process (seven or more months). Committee members will be expected to review proposals outside of formal meeting times. The committee is generally given four weeks to read and score proposals. Once the committee has decided on which artist's artwork is chosen, then their work is complete!   

The District congratulates and thanks Maura McHugh and Sarah Cowperthwaite for their service.