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Final Planning to Begin Demolition

posted Mar 3, 2020, 5:03 AM by Ryan Palmer

Final plans are taking shape to begin demolition of the existing High School in July of 2020.  The last major piece of the planning process fell into place with the bidding and award of a contract to EnviroVantage for abatement of PCBs and exterior asbestos mastic found on the foundation, at a cost of $759,195.  This cost falls within allowances already included in the budget.  The Board of Directors will be asked to approve a contract with EnviroVantage in March.  Abatement of interior asbestos is already included in the general construction contract with Arthur C. Dudley. 

The presence of PCBs and asbestos are currently contained within or by building materials, and so they pose no hazard to building occupants.  The District has always been careful to meet federal and state requirements to maintain a safe building and environment.  These materials are commonly found in schools and other buildings built at the time of the High School (1973). 

However, once the demolition process begins the building must be disassembled in a careful manner to meet requirements for worker and environmental safety as the roof and walls are taken down.  Materials contaminated by PCB or asbestos also require special transportation to landfills that are licensed to accept this material. During the demolition process an independent environmental consultant will be on site to assure a safe process is maintained, and the contractors follow the plan for demolition approved by the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Demolition will begin as soon as possible after the end of the school year to maintain the schedule for construction of the new competition athletic field in the same location.