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Looking for Sub-Committee Members

posted Jun 11, 2015, 4:48 AM by Ryan Palmer

MSAD No. 75 is pleased to begin the process of addressing facility needs at Mt. Ararat High School.  The district received approval from the Maine Department of Education to begin this lengthy and comprehensive process.  The Building Committee is forming several sub-committees that will meet at least monthly for the next 18 -24 months.

 Each Sub-Committee listed below will have at least one member of the Building Committee leading the Committee. Sub-Committees will be responsible for meeting as a group and reporting out to the Building Committee at selected intervals and milestones.

Building SystemsThe Building Systems Sub-Committee will develop a recommendation of goals for the new or renovated school's structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, control systems, and security systems along with the sub-systems, equipment, and components i.e. heating and cooling.

CommunicationsThe Communications Sub-Committee will work to “get the word out.”  They will provide the four communities of MSAD 75 with information pertaining to the progress, process, upcoming events and meetings for the new or renovated school building. The Sub-Committee will be instrumental in providing an open line of communication about the project and gaining momentum from the public as the project moves towards Referendum and Construction.  

Physical Education/AthleticsThe Physical Education/Athletics Sub-Committee will work with athletic teams, boosters, and other members of the of the MSAD 75 community, to develop proposed goals for the new or renovated school pertaining, but not limited to, the built athletic facilities such as a gym, locker rooms, trainer, fields, parking and support facilities.  

Student AdvisoryThe Student Advisory Sub-Committee will be an avenue for MSAD 75 students in grades 6-12 to participate in the process of the new or renovated school building. This group will provide the “student voice” to the Building Committee and for the four communities.

SustainabilityThe Sustainability Sub-Committee will propose goals for the new or renovated high school pertaining to, but not limited to, high-performance components such as the integration of biomass, geothermal, solar, daylighting, water efficiency, exterior envelope, insulation, as well as "green" materials and fixtures. They will also establish goals for how the school could utilize sustainable elements as teaching tools for the MTA students.

Technology/Learning CommonsTechnology is an integral component of today’s schools and will continue to be so in the future. The Technology/Learning Commons Sub-Committee will develop goals for the new or renovated school pertaining to the overall learning and teaching technology within the school but also on specific spaces such as the Learning Commons (a.k.a library), Cafeteria/Food Court, classrooms and exploratory labs.

Future Sub-Committees later in the project may include:

  • Music, Visual, and Performing Arts
  • % for Art
  • Furniture
  • Finishes and Colors

Interested parties should send a letter, email (brillantb@link75.org) or the input box on the district website (constuction.link75.org)

Please respond to the following:


1.     Which of the following committees are you interested in serving:







2.     Why are you interested in serving?

3.     What experience, skills or interests do you have that will help the sub-committee(s)?

4.     Are you prepared to commit to the time required?

5.     Please provide your name and contact information

Parties interested in the six sub-committees now being established must submit their letters of interest by July 10, 2015.

Letters of interest should be sent to:

Superintendent’s Office

Attn: Mt. Ararat HS Building Project

 50 Republic Ave.

Topsham, Maine    04086




Ryan Palmer,
Jun 11, 2015, 4:48 AM