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MTA HS Construction Campus Updates

posted Sep 7, 2018, 9:32 AM by Ryan Palmer   [ updated Sep 13, 2018, 7:02 AM ]

Mt. Ararat High School Construction

Campus Updates

By Donna Brunette, MTA Principal

As many of you are aware, the high school construction project is underway.  Exciting! A great deal of work has been done since school ended in June. The contractors have been focused on site development throughout the summer with the roadway a priority, preparing all the ground systems such as water and power, drilling geothermal wells, and pouring the foundation for the new school.  The progress made has been amazing! If you haven’t been on campus, you will be stunned.

Our main entry road, Eagle’s Way, has been closed for the summer, but has reopened.  Roadways, parking, and walking paths are all impacted by construction and construction equipment is very much a presence on our campus.  For the next few years, anyone visiting our campus should plan additional time for travel, be very cautious around construction vehicles, and avoid parking on the roadways during work hours.   

Many people are asking about the student parking lot, student access to parking on campus this year, and the parent drop off plan.  The following statements outline plans during construction:

Student Parking: The student parking lot at the front of the high school has re-opened, but there are fewer spaces.  Other parking spaces around the building and on campus have been designated for student parking. When students complete the application process for parking they will be assigned to park in a specific area.  For students who are assigned spaces around the building, student parking is designated with painted orange lines. Staff parking spaces are lined with white paint. Please contact the Student Affairs Office if you have questions.

Drop-Off Area: The drop-off area for parents or whoever may be dropping off a student for school will continue to be in the student parking lot near the crosswalk.  The entry to the student parking area will be near the crosswalk, and people will be able to pull into the student parking area, drop off students, and loop through the parking lot to exit right by way of a temporary gravel access drive onto Eagles Way when leaving the parking lot.  

The fall athletic programs have started and many are playing at sites in our community while construction is underway.  Boys and girls soccer teams will play home contests at the Riverside Field in Topsham. Football home games will be played at the Fairgrounds field in Topsham and field hockey teams will be sharing the middle level field.  Please contact Athletic Director Geoff Godo for more information.

And finally, if you want to follow the MTA Construction project online, there is a link on district and school websites with additional information which includes some drone footage.  Monthly updates are posted by the Communications Committee based on the work of the Building Committee. Fundraising has also been a focus for the project; and if you are interested in contributing funds to support the project, information about various fundraising initiatives will be posted on this site as well.

Student Parking Image