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MTA Staff Visits - Construction Project - December 2019

posted Feb 25, 2020, 6:22 AM by Ryan Palmer
In December 2019, groups of MTA staff had an opportunity to tour the new high school construction site for the first time.  Given that this is a construction site, tours needed to be limited to 15 people and access to some areas was limited based on work in progress.  The visits generated a lot of excitement as visitors took note of the wood featured in the entry halls, natural light, classroom features, office set ups, and so much more.  The looks on their faces in the group photos tells it all.

Back L-R: Bob Durant, Aurora Manzanero, Rob Messier, Jessica Belanger, Gillian Watt, Lou Dorogi, and Jason Prince

Front L-R: Donna Brunette, Pam Justice, Alison Pols, Bree Candland, Jodi Crawford, and Evelyn Barbour

Back L-R: Matthew Cook, Geoff Godo, Tyler King, Dan Gibson, Nick Innis, Doug Ware, Sarah Cowperthwaite, and Sewall Janeway

Front L-R: Paul Guerette, Courtney Calderwood, Hilary Martin, Jessica Graham, Dennis Edmondson, Suzie Brawn, Donna Brunette, Michelle Reed, and Christine Delrossi

Back L-R: Lianna Fenimore, Donna Brunette, Deron Sharp, Ben Cox, Peggy Callahan, Courtney Reichert, Jen Green, Adam C (tour guide), Lisa Walker, Brooke Cox

Front L-R: Dorothy Bradford, Donna Brunette, Kristen Thomas, Julie Petrie, Haven Fieldsend, Emily Vail, Kristi Thebeau-Holman, and Carmen Palmer