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PDT Recommendation

posted Aug 20, 2015, 10:42 AM by Ryan Palmer
At last evening's Building Committee meeting, the architectural firm presented their recommendation regarding renovation vs. new and site location.  The architect has recommended we use the existing campus, and presented several different "fits" for positioning the school.  They are confident that the site will accommodate our needs.  In addition, they have included a recommendation that we build new.

Lyndon Keck, of PDT, explained some of the additional costs associated with renovation vs. new, and the cost difference, with new construction costing less than renovation.

This information is in DRAFT stage, with a final report expected in a week.  The Building Committee will take the recommendation under consideration with further discussion to occur at the next meeting....September 16th.  

This recommendation will also be provided to the Maine Department Of Education, who is a major stakeholder in the process.  Ultimately, the State will determine the extent to which they will support new vs. renovation, but the recommendation of the architect follows a process prescribed by the state, and thus will be given serious consideration.

Thanks to all the Building Committee members who continue to work enthusiastically on this project, including Donna and the staff at MTA who have met with PDT on numerous occasions and are putting together the Educational Specifications document.  That document is a road map for the architect, identifying and justifying the type of educational spaces we need as we envision education in the future.  It is the Education Specifications that the architect uses for the Concept Design of the school.  When Donna and her staff have completed their work, the Ed Specs will be submitted to the School Board for their consideration and approval.

Another big step toward Mt. Ararat of the Future!