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Percent for Art Selection Process Under Way

posted Apr 2, 2018, 5:38 AM by Ryan Palmer
The Mt. Ararat construction project is participating in the Percent for Art program, which provides funding for artwork for public buildings in Maine, including schools.  The artwork commissioned takes many forms - traditional sculpture, abstract wall-mounted works, projects that integrate art throughout the building, and more! This program is overseen by the Maine Arts Commission. 

A Mt. Ararat Percent for Art Committee has been formed and the selection process is now underway.  The Committee will oversee the selection of art work for the new High School, and includes the following members:
Sarah Cowperthwaite, High School art teacher, MSAD No. 75
Maura McHugh, Middle School art teacher, MSAD No. 75
Pam Anderson, Architect with PDT Architects
Andrea Sulzer, Artist
Ellen Tani, Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellow, Bowdoin College Museum of Art

A call has gone out to all Maine artists to submit proposals by April 10th.  The Committee will then select a limited number of finalists to provide more detailed proposals later in the spring.  The Committee may select one artists or several artists to provide art work within the $50,000 that has been set aside in the construction budget for this purpose.  Areas in which art work may be installed include the grounds by the main entrance, the entrance near the gymnasium, the exterior walls of the forum, the landscape looking out toward the pond from the Learning Commons, different areas within the main atrium, and the stairwell by the Learning Commons.
Stay tuned for exciting developments in the Percent for Art Program!