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Site/Tree Work at MTA

posted Jun 3, 2019, 4:53 AM by Ryan Palmer
From Donna Brunette's Newsletter:

In the last couple of newsletters I have shared with all of you that there will be a significant amount of site work done this summer around the current high school when school is not in session.  In order to prepare for this site work there is a need to do some clearing of trees in areas being developed around the front of the school, back entrance to school, and on Republic Avenue.  I know that the removal of trees is necessary for the next phase of the building project; I also know the changing landscape will cause an emotional response so I hope this communication will help prepare people for the necessary tree cutting.

The trees that will need to be removed at this phase of the construction project are located near the staff parking areas closest to Republic Avenue and the softball field.  If you look into the wooded area near these parking spaces, you can see blue plastic ribbon marking the site for cutting.  Additionally, the red maple tree which stands at the side of the school building close to this area before the turn onto Republic Avenue will need to be taken down in this phase.

The plan is to begin the cutting and removal of trees next week on Wednesday, June 5th.  The cutting of trees will be done in a timely manner with limited impacts on teaching and learning.  The timing of cutting will also be planned to have a limited impact on staff parking and times when traffic is heavy.  Coles Tree Service, the same company that removed trees last year, did an exceptional job working with our schedule to limit impacts on the school day.

In support of this work, I would ask that people take extra precautions (drivers, bikers, and walkers) and plan for possible delays or alternative routes in the area where the trees are being removed.

Thank you for your cooperation.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact me.


Donna F. Brunette, Principal

Mt. Ararat High School

(207) 729-2951 X 208