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Tree Cutting Begins This Week

posted May 8, 2018, 11:45 AM by Ryan Palmer

Tree cutting to make way for the construction of a new school will begin this week. The current plan for the three different cutting areas is as follows:

May 8th - The stand of trees between the baseball/field hockey field and the track and field will be taken down and chipping of felled trees will hopefully be completed.

May 9th - The stand of trees between the student parking lot/pond/track & field will be cut with the plan to chip the felled trees hopefully being completed.

May 10th and May 11th - The stand of trees on the right side of the roadway leading to MTA from the main entrance will be taken down and removed.  

There will be some specific trees preserved as part of the landscape planning and they will be marked prior to the cutting of trees. 

Why are we moving so fast to remove the trees?

Trees near the current baseball field, track & field, and parking lot will need to be removed prior to June 1st to alleviate concerns about impacts on a protected bat species that lives within our community.  If the trees are not taken down before June 1st there is a high likelihood that a delay of construction would occur.

Noise and Parking During Tree Removal

The goal is to complete the tree removal process in a timely manner with the least amount of disruption as possible. There will be some noise impact with the chipping of trees and some parking impact for the student parking lot.  Cones will be placed in the student parking lot each day as necessary for impacted area so people driving on campus will be able to avoid areas where equipment will need access cutting locations on the days noted. Parents dropping off students at school should look for cones to help you make your way through the student parking lot.

Needless to say, the landscape will be changing drastically this week as work is done to prepare for construction which is anticipated to begin in June.